3 Benefits Of Cycling To Work

Cyclist who is commuting to work with cycling apparel from bioracer

3 Benefits Of Cycling To Work

Going to work by bike is not only fun, but also has many benefits in various areas. While many people are already setting a good example by cycling to work, some employees could still use a little push. Discover the benefits of cycling to work in this blog!

Cyclist who is commuting to work with cycling apparel from bioracer

You save a lot of money (and maybe even earn) 

Life is getting more and more expensive. Taking the car to work doesn’t help you save money, quite the opposite in fact. With high fuel prices, expensive insurance premiums, and the costly maintenance of your car, it costs you a lot of money. The more you drive, the more you spend. By cycling to work, you save a lot of fuel, and therefore money.  

To go to work by bike, you also must invest, I can hear you think. Yes, but much less than in the case of a car. A bicycle is cheaper to buy than a car. Moreover, you have no fuel costs, at most for charging the battery if you have an electric bike (but maybe you can do that at the office). Because of that difference, you can invest in decent apparel to bike to work, for example a qualitative commuter jacket.  

If you’re lucky, you might even get a bike allowance from your employer. If so, you’ll even be paid to ride your bike!  

By exercising before and after work, you don’t have to spend time and money at the gym in the evening. Just calculate how many hundreds of euros you will save if you cancel your overpriced fitness plan! 

You get healthier 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), regular physical activity helps prevent and manage conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and various cancers. It also has a positive effect on hypertension, a healthy body weight, sleep, and mental well-being. Therefore, WHO recommends at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week for all adults. By cycling to work, you’ll soon reach that active time.   

In addition, cycling is a good way to prevent obesity. With a relatively low intensity and long duration, it provides a large fat consumption. Cycling for 30 minutes a day at an average speed of 18 km/h burns an extra 150 kcal (compared to sitting still), which easily covers the kilocalories of a snack, for example.  

Your mental health also experiences the benefits of cycling. A half an hour’s exercise every day ensures that you are less tired and have more energy. In addition, cycling helps combat feelings of depression. Besides, you experience much less stress because you don’t lose time in traffic jams or searching for a parking space.  

After a bad day, you pedal away your frustrations and come home happy. 

Cyclist with cycling apparel from bioracer

You shrink your carbon footprint 

When you cycle to work, you don’t exhaust emissions and you shrink your carbon footprint. So, you’re not only helping yourself but also the environment. 

Do you already cycle to work? Or are you newly convinced by discovering all the benefits? 

2 cyclists who is commuting to work with cycling apparel from bioracer