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  • Summer Cap Black

  • Summer Cap Grey

  • Summer Cap Nautica

  • Summer Cap Olive

  • Official Team Belgium CapOfficial Team Belgium Cap

    Official Team Belgium Cap

  • Taped Rain CapTaped Rain Cap

    Taped Rain Cap

  • Technical Cap BeigeTechnical Cap Beige

    Technical Cap Beige

  • SOLD OUTTechnical Cap BlackTechnical Cap Black

    Technical Cap Black

  • Technical Cap BordeauxTechnical Cap Bordeaux

    Technical Cap Bordeaux

  • echnical Cap NavyTechnical Cap Navy

    Technical Cap Navy

  • Technical Cap OliveTechnical Cap Olive

    Technical Cap Olive

  • Winter CapWinter Cap

    Winter Cap

  • SOLD OUTTechnical Cap Op Art Sky GreyTechnical Cap Op Art Sky Grey

    Technical Cap Beach Sand

  • SOLD OUTTechnical Cap Beach WhiteTechnical Cap Beach White

    Technical Cap Beach White

  • Technical Cap NauticaTechnical Cap Nautica

    Technical Cap Nautica

  • SOLD OUTTechnical Cap Op Art BlueTechnical Cap Op Art Blue

    Technical Cap Op Art Blue


Cycling caps are one of the most overlooked cycling accessories out on the market as it can help you both during and after your ride. These lightweight and stylish caps not only protect you from the elements, but also keep sweat and hair out of your face. With a range of colors to choose from, you'll definitely find the perfect cycling cap that matches your cycling kit. 

Summer cycling cap 

A summer cycling cap is inevitable when you’re heading out for a long summer ride. Apart from the course you’ve picked or the training you’ve planned, the sun and the heat will also impact your feeling on the bike. A summer cycling cap is designed to keep your hair and sweat out of your face, so you can focus on what matters the most: keep those pedals moving, enjoy every kilometer, and stay hydrated. 

Made of lightweight Lycra and featuring a central mesh band, with our Technical Cycling Caps you won't have to worry about extra weight or any discomfort to your ride. These summer cycling caps are designed to provide excellent breathability to keep your head fresh and cool even on the hottest rides.  

Furthermore, you'll love the durability of the summer cycling cap. Unlike other cycling gear, this cap is made to last, withstanding many washings and still looking and performing just as well as the day you bought it. So, whether you're planning a long ride or just a quick tour around the block, make sure you have a summer cycling cap in your gear bag. 

Waterproof cycling cap 

Even if the rain can’t stop you from riding outdoors, you’ll find a perfect companion de route with the Taped Rain Cap, our waterproof cycling cap. It's designed to keep your head and ears dry and protected, no matter the circumstances. 

One of the things you'll love the most about the taped rain cap is… what’s in a name… its taped seams, of course. These seams ensure that the cap is fully wind- and waterproof, giving you peace of mind when the skies open. No more worrying about getting soaked, the taped rain cap will keep you dry no matter what. 

Made of Primaloft, this waterproof cycling cap is not only waterproof, but it’s also designed to keep the dome warm, making it the perfect choice for those chilly and wet rides. The convertible ear protection is a game-changer too - whether you prefer full coverage or want your ears to be free. This cap has you covered. And, because it's thin enough to be worn under your helmet, you won't have to worry about any added bulk or discomfort. 

Cycling cap under helmet 

Don’t worry! All our cycling caps have a helmet-friendly fit and flippable flap that makes these caps both comfortable and functional while you’re smashing the pedals. You'll appreciate the flat seams, too, as they won't cause any discomfort or irritation, even on a long day in the saddle. Even our waterproof cycling cap is thin enough to fit under your helmet, so you won't have to worry about any added bulk or discomfort. 

Be careful: cycling caps are not designed to replace a helmet and won’t protect you from the impact of a crash. We recommend you to always wear a helmet when going out on the road. Cycle safe!