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  • Official BDR Icon Tempest JacketOfficial BDR Icon Tempest Jacket

    Official BDR Icon Tempest Jacket

  • Official Belgian Cycling Icon Tempest JacketOfficial Belgian Cycling Icon Tempest Jacket

    Official Belgian Cycling Icon Tempest Jacket

  • SALE Spitfire Tempest Light Jacket OP Art BlueSpitfire Tempest Light Jacket OP Art Blue

    Spitfire Tempest Light Jacket OP Art Blue

    Original price was: €125,00.Current price is: €93,75.
  • SALE Spitfire Tempest Light Jacket OP Art SandSpitfire Tempest Light Jacket OP Art Sand

    Spitfire Tempest Light Jacket OP Art Sand

    Original price was: €125,00.Current price is: €93,75.
  • Aero Rain Jacket

  • Cristallon JacketCristallon Jacket

    Cristallon Jacket

  • Epic Rainy Jacket BlackEpic Rainy Jacket Black

    Epic Rainy Jacket Black

  • Epic Rainy Jacket BrownEpic Rainy Jacket Brown

    Epic Rainy Jacket Brown

  • Epic Rainy Jacket Fluo OrangeEpic Rainy Jacket Fluo Orange

    Epic Rainy Jacket Fluo Orange

  • Epic Rainy Jacket Fluo YellowEpic Rainy Jacket Fluo Yellow

    Epic Rainy Jacket Fluo Yellow

  • Bioracer-Kaaiman-Jacket-Black-Taped-packshotsKaaiman-Jacket-Black-Taped-Men

    Kaaiman Jacket Black

  • Kaaiman-Jacket-Fluo-Orange-Taped-MenKaaiman-Jacket-Fluo-Orange-Taped-Men

    Kaaiman Jacket Fluo Orange

  • Kaaiman Jacket Fluo YellowKaaiman-Jacket-Fluo-Yellow-Taped-Men

    Kaaiman Jacket Fluo Yellow

  • Off-Road Tech Jacket BlackOff-Road Tech Jacket Black

    Off-Road Tech Jacket Black

  • Off-Road Tech Jacket CamoOff-Road Tech Jacket Camo

    Off-Road Tech Jacket Camo

  • Rainy 2.0Rainy 2.0

    Rainy 2.0


The beauty of cycling is connected to the elements of mother earth. As a Belgian cycling apparel brand, we know what it feels like to battle the pouring rain while pushing your way up a Flemish cobbled hill. For moments like this, we’ve developed and tested our men cycling jackets on the Flemish cobbles and the Arden climbs in the pouring rain and the icy wind. This way, our men cycling jackets won’t let you down and shield you from the elements, so you can focus on what really matters: pushing the pedals and enjoy riding. 

Best winter cycling jacket

Real Flandriens don’t let their ride depend on a bad forecast, they just face the most severe characteristics of mother nature. With our best winter cycling jacket, you can join the ranks of the bravest cyclists and take your bike outdoors, no matter what the weather conditions.  

Made of our most insulative, water-repellent, and wind blocking Tempest technology, our Tempest Protect Jacket is designed to guide you through the most severe conditions. Equipped with 360° reflective details, our best winter cycling jacket ensures that you're visible from every angle and stands out to those in motorized vehicles. 

The Tempest Protect Jacket comes with a durable water-repellent treatment to keep you dry when the skies open and a wind-blocking front panel that keeps the cold air at bay. Meanwhile a breathable back panel allows moisture to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable during even the most strenuous rides. The high collar provides extra protection against the wind, while the adjustable cuffs and waist ensure a snug and comfortable fit. 

Men cycling rain jacket

Leaving for a ride on a rainy day? A reliable men cycling rain jacket will be you companion when out on the road. Our Epic Rainy Jacket is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a high-performance and lightweight cycling rain jacket to keep the rain out. 

Equipped with taped seams, a coated zipper, and a storm flap, this men cycling rain jacket won’t let you down when the skies open and shield you from the wind that’s making the circumstances even more challenging. 

Plus, the silicone gripper at the waist ensures that the jacket stays in place during the entire ride, preventing any annoying flapping in the wind. 

Another great feature of the Epic Rainy Jacket is the ventilation openings on the armpits and covered between the two back panels. These openings are strategically placed to prevent you from overheating, making this jacket suitable for intensive interval rides. 

Men hi vis cycling jacket

The coldest time of the year is also the darkest, so an insulating hi-vis cycling jacket will be your go-to winter essential as it guides you through the coldest days while making you stand out in low-light conditions. 

With its combination of fluorescent and reflective materials, this jacket provides 24-hour visibility, giving you a striking appearance on the road. No matter what time of day you ride, you'll be visible to everyone around you, making you more confident while cycling in dense traffic. Both the Tempest Fluo Jacket and the Tempest Protect Fluo Jacket are available in fluo yellow and fluo orange, so choose the color that matches your look on the bike. 

But our men hi-vis cycling jackets aren’t just about visibility – they’re also designed with performance in mind. Available in both our Tempest and Tempest Protect ranges, these jackets come with a durable water-repellent coating to make water roll off and an insulative shield to keep your upper half warm. 

Men thermal rain jacket

Sometimes there’s just no other choice but to face the most severe circumstances with your bike. To guide you through these extremely harsh moments, we’ve developed the Kaaiman Jacket based on the requirements of the coldest and wettest Flemish circumstances. 

This men thermal rain jacket comes as a 100% waterproof shield that protects you from the elements while the insulative layer will help you beat the cold. Its 3-layer design is engineered to withstand the most extreme winter elements, so you can ride with confidence no matter what the weather brings. The outer layer combines a rugged Kaaiman design with a water-repellent coating and taped seems from the outside to guide you through heavy rainfall. 

But the Kaaiman Jacket isn't just about staying dry - it's also about staying visible and safe on the road. With its 360° reflective details and available hi-vis variants, you'll be visible to drivers from all angles, even in low-light conditions.