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Men gravel bike clothes


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  • Summer Cap Black

  • Summer Cap Grey

  • Summer Cap Nautica

  • Summer Cap Olive

  • Arm Warmers Olive

  • Arm Warmers Stratos Black

    Arm Warmers Stratos Black

  • Long Sleeves Light Base LayerLong Sleeves Light Base Layer

    Long Sleeves Light Base Layer

  • Long Sleeves Turtle Neck Medium Base LayerLong Sleeves Turtle Neck Medium Base Layer

    Long Sleeves Turtle Neck Medium Base Layer

  • Glove One TempestGlove One Tempest

    Glove One Tempest

  • Gloves Road Summer Safiro BlueGloves Road Summer Safiro Blue

    Gloves Road Summer Black

  • Icon Cargo Bibshorts BlackIcon Cargo Bibshorts Black

    Icon Cargo Bibshorts Black

  • Icon Cargo Bibshorts OliveIcon Cargo Bibshorts Olive

    Icon Cargo Bibshorts Olive

  • Icon Tempest Gravel BibtightsIcon Tempest Gravel Bibtights

    Icon Tempest Gravel Bibtights

  • leg warmer stratos black

    Leg Warmers Stratos Black

  • Merino Winter SockMerino Winter Sock

    Merino Winter Sock

  • Neoprene Toe ProtectorNeoprene Toe Protector

    Neoprene Toe Protector


Nothing beats the untamed feeling of dusty gravel roads. For the moments when it’s all about you and your gravel bike, we developed your perfect men gravel bike clothes. The ultimate way to enjoy the beauty of mother nature is by being a part of it. 

Men gravel shorts

Comfort is key when blazing the rough gravel trails. The combination of a rough surface and hours in the saddle will make the role of a pair of men gravel shorts even more crucial. 

Meet our Off-Road Tech Short, a pair of shorts that can take a beating. Made of fast-drying material and equipped with a high back, they are the most comfortable choice for off-road cycling. The adjustable Velcro straps make sure they fit you perfectly. Thanks to the multi-closure with a zipper, Velcro and snap buttons, your shorts remain in place during the entire ride. 

Equipped with two zipped pockets featuring coated zippers, our gravel shorts provide ample storage space for all your essentials. Safely stash your keys, phone, snacks, and more, knowing they're secure and easily accessible whenever you need them. 

Men gravel jerseys

­­­The Icon Coldblack Jerseys are your perfect men gravel jersey for a day full of dusty gravel roads. Made of a rigid fabric, you don’t have to fear any narrow single tracks as the jersey protects you against low hanging branches. 

When riding the open roads in the summer, the Coldblack technology got you covered. The fabric not only offers exceptional UV protection but also actively repels heat, keeping you cool and comfortable even in scorching conditions. 

Experience unrestricted movement with the 4-way stretch of our jerseys. The fabric moves seamlessly with your body, allowing you to conquer rough terrains and navigate tricky trails effortlessly. 

Men gravel bib shorts

Get the most out of your gravel rides with a pair of men gravel bib shorts, like our Icon Coldblack Bibshorts. The Wave pad cushions you from the bumpy gravel roads, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of mother nature and discover the most challenging trails. 

A quick bite to manage your fuel level? Or wanting to capture the beautiful scenery on camera to steal the show on Strava? With the mesh side pockets, you’ll have your essentials always within reach.