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As an ambitious cyclist, you know that the foundations of a glorious cycling season are built when the temperature drops. With our men bib tights, we want to guide you through the coldest of days and help you realize your next season’s cycling goals. Made of our renowned Tempest fabric, these men bib tights will keep your lower half both dry and warm. 

Men thermal bib tights 

As a real Flandrien, you embrace the coldest of circumstances from the moment you sit on the saddle. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, try our Tempest Full Protect Pixel Bibtights. This pair of men thermal bib tights will turn your legs into those of a real Flandrien. Icy wind, pouring rain, or freezing hail? No problem, these men bib tights will help you love the harshest circumstances of mother nature. 

Made of the most insulative Tempest Fabric, these men thermal bib tights come with fully wind blocking capabilities that are designed to protect you from the icy wind while keeping your lower body warm. Thanks to their durable water-repellent treatment, raindrops are beading off while riding in the pouring rainfall and therefore keep your legs dry.  

But these men bib tights are not just about practicality - they also provide an incredibly comfortable fit. Designed to hug your body perfectly, they won't restrict your movements, so you can focus on your training ride. And with their thin foot straps, your men bib tights will stay in place even during the hardest intervals. 

Men padded bib tights 

Bumpy gravel roads, bone-rattling cobbles, and rough asphalt roads are inevitable during your training rides. As a Belgian company, we know better than anyone that the toughest terrains demand top-quality materials. That's why nearly all of our men bib tights come with our highly-regarded cycling pads, the Vapor and Wave. These pads have been designed and rigorously tested on the demanding cobbled hills of Flanders, providing you with supreme comfort during your ride.  

These men-specific chamois pads offer a strategic flat side that molds to your body, while the dimensional pad side absorbs vibrations and cushions you from the bone-rattling terrain.  

The Vapor pad offers comfortable damping with support and perforations in key areas to optimize breathability and moisture management. Meanwhile, the anatomically designed Wave pad conforms to your body for better pressure distribution, reduced friction, and greater stability. With both pads featuring the Vapor 3D webbing technology, you'll enjoy optimal breathability and enhanced moisture management, ensuring that you stay comfortable and focused on your ride. 

Gravel bib tights men 

Ready to hit the unpaved roads and embrace the beauty of winter wonderland? Our Icon Tempest Gravel Bibtights are designed to keep you both dry and warm while you’re giving your all on the gravel sections. 

Our gravel bib tights men come with four mesh pockets, two on the side and two on the back. This way, you have plenty of storage space for your nutrition, tools, and anything else you might need during your gravel ride. 

When the unpaved sections get muddier and the single tracks get narrower, the reinforced lower legs with Stratos fabric will provide you with a protective layer that improves the durability of these gravel bib tights and prevent your lower legs from scratches.