Men cycling base layers

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As the name already implies, a men cycling base layer will form the foundation of your apparel layering system for both your winter and summer rides. The men cycling base layer works hard to wick away sweat and regulate your temperature, so you stay dry, warm, and comfortable, even on the toughest training rides and the coldest conditions. 

Long sleeve base layer cycling 

When the temperature starts to drop, you know it’s time to take your long sleeve cycling base layer out of the closet. Our Light Long Sleeves Base Layer is not only insulating, lightweight and comfortable to wear but this men cycling base layer also offers a range of benefits that will take your riding to the next level. 

Made from polypropylene, this Light Long Sleeves Base Layer will keep your upper body warm and odor free. Don’t worry about overheating. Designed with breathable parts on the chest and back, this men cycling base layer will optimize the airflow and keep your core temperature stable. This way, you can focus on what matters the most, pushing the pedals. 

Cycling thermal base layer men 

Real Flandriens should opt for a cycling thermal base layer. These men cycling base layers will help you battle the cold when it starts to freeze outside. Our Base Layer Medium Long Sleeves Turtleneck can make all the difference between a freezing, miserable training ride and a warm, enjoyable one. 

A cycling thermal base layer made from Merino wool and designed in a turtleneck style is the way to go. The Merino wool provides unbeatable insulation, keeping you warm even on the coldest days. And with a turtleneck style, you'll be protected from the wind, ensuring you stay cozy and comfortable on every ride. Furthermore, the antibacterial properties of Merino will keep your upper body fresh and odor free even after a couple of rides without washing. 

Merino base layer cycling 

Merino wool is used in our Base Layer Medium Long Sleeves Turtleneck. Thanks to its excellent insulation properties, breathability, and moisture-wicking abilities, a Merino base layer will be your companion when the cold bites.  

Merino wool guarantees excellent insulation, which will keep you warm in even the coldest weather. Additionally, the antibacterial nature of Merino will keep your torso fresh and free of odors, even after multiple rides without washing.