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    Icon Bibshorts

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    Epic Bibshorts Black

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    Official Belgian Cycling Icon Bibshorts

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    Icon Bibshorts Black Dark Green

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    Speedwear Concept Tempest Bibshort

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    Icon Cargo Bibshorts Grey


Nothing can match the importance of the perfect bib shorts. From rough gravel roads to bone-rattling cobbles, both our Epic and Icon bib shorts are designed to offer you maximized comfort no matter the terrain. Planning a short interval training or embarking on a multi-day bike packing trip? Our men bib shorts feature a blend of high-quality materials and innovative technologies to get the most out of your intervals and offer you the best comfort during your bike packing rides. 

Our men bib shorts are designed to make your day in the saddle as comfortable as possible. Available in our Icon, Epic, and Speedwear Concept range, you’ll find the perfect bib shorts to match your rides. Going out for a long comfortable day in the saddle? Choose a pair of our Icon bib shorts. Embarking on a fast interval training? Our Epic bib shorts will be your best choice. Are you focusing on the marginal gains to crush your next cycling goal? Our race-oriented bib shorts are ready for you. 

Tested on our cobbled Flemish hills, both our Vapor and Wave pad are designed to provide comfort even during the harshest of rides. These men-specific chamois pads are strategically designed to conform to your body shape while the dimensional pad side absorbs vibration and cushions you from the rough pave of Flanders. 

As a cyclist, the color of your men bib shorts can strengthen the visual appearance of your cycling kit. Whether you prefer the sleek simplicity of black or love the diversity of olive bib shorts, navy bib shorts, or grey bib shorts, there's a color to match all your cycling jerseys. 

Men cargo bib shorts 

Our men cargo bib shorts are engineered to support the dusty gravel riders and adventurous bike packers with maximum storage capabilities and optimal comfort for a long day in the saddle. The mesh side pocket on the side of our Icon Cargo Bibshorts provide additional space for carrying your essentials such as nutrition, phone, wallet, or even extra tubes or tools. 

Thermal bib shorts  

Looking for a bib short to protect you during cold and wet race circumstances? The Speedwear Concept Tempest Bibshorts will keep your upper legs warm and dry without restricting your freedom of movement, so you can keep focusing on pushing the watts.  

These thermal bib shorts are made with high-performance Tempest material, offering complete wind blocking and water repellent qualities. With the Soft Thermo Dream Bibs, you'll enjoy a luxurious feeling of comfort on the bike, thanks to the soft, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and regulates temperature. 

Padded cycling shorts 

From bone-rattling cobbles to bumpy gravel roads, we understand that the most demanding terrains require the best materials, which is why our padded cycling shorts are equipped with our renowned cycling pads. These Vapor and Wave pads have been developed and tested on the challenging cobbled hills of Flanders to give you a comfortable day in the saddle. 

These men-specific chamois pads feature a strategic flat side that molds to your body, while the dimensional pad side absorbs vibrations and cushions you from the bone-rattling terrain.  

The Vapor pad offers comfortable damping with support and perforations in key areas to optimize breathability and moisture management. Meanwhile, the anatomically designed Wave pad conforms to your body for better pressure distribution, reduced friction, and greater stability. With both pads featuring the Vapor 3D webbing technology, you'll enjoy optimal breathability and enhanced moisture management, ensuring that you stay comfortable and focused on your ride. 

Long distance bib shorts 

Are you spending some long and hard days in the saddle? Long distance bib shorts are designed to offer comfort and performance on those long rides. And that’s where our Epic Bibshorts come into play. 

One of the standout features of these men bib shorts is the gradual compression on the legs. This compression not only provides support for your muscles, but also helps with blood circulation and can reduce fatigue. A big game-changer that will make your legs feel more powerful over the course of your long ride. 

Another key benefit of these bib shorts is the mesh bibs, which offer you extra ventilation to keep you cool and dry. When leaving for a long summer ride, you're asking a lot of energy from your body, having breathable clothing will maximize your performance during these training sessions. 

Of course, the most important part of a pair of men cycling bib shorts is the pad. Our Wave pad is anatomically designed to provide better pressure distribution, less friction, and more stability. It's been engineered to reduce chafing and provide cushioning where you need it most, allowing you to focus on your ride without worrying about discomfort. 

In short, if you're a cyclist looking for bib shorts that can stand up to the demands of long-distance riding, look no further than our Epic Bibshorts.