Bioracer cycling pads

bioracer cycling pads

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The Comfort To Your Ride

From bone-rattling cobbles to bumpy gravel roads, we know firsthand that the most demanding terrains require the best materials. That’s why our bib shorts are equipped with our renowned cycling pads. Both our Wave and Vapor pads have been developed and tested on the challenging cobbled hills of Flanders to guarantee you a comfortable day in the saddle.

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Wave pad

wave cycling pad bioracer

3D Moulding Metronome

Are you going all-in on performance? The Wave Pad adjusts itself to your body contours, offering you a unique feeling of increased control and stability on the bike. This way, you can focus on what matters most – reaching your goals.

3D anatomically designed, the futuristic shape of the Wave pad follows the contours of your body.
The benefits? Better pressure distribution, less friction, and more stability.

wave pad men
wave pad comen


To ensure the optimal position on the saddle and comfort during your most extreme rides, the Wave pad combines a unique fit with high density impact protection zones on your most sensitive areas. This will also improve your blood flow and therefore your performance out on the road no matter the circumstances.


After a couple of days in the saddle, the 3D anatomically preformed pad will mould to your body. The pad follows your contours as you push the pedals, resulting in less friction and increased stability on the bike.

Vapor pad

vapor cycling pad bioracer

Multi Cushioning Comfort

Looking for the ultimate comfort experience in the saddle? Thanks to its supreme damping, our renowned Vapor Pad cushions you from the bone-rattling cobbles of Flanders and beyond.

The Vapor pad offers comfortable damping. Support and perforations in the right places ensure breathability and optimal moisture management.

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Engineered with our multi density foam and superior damping properties, the Vapor Pad effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, delivering unparalleled cushioning and protection on even the roughest roads.


To offer you the unique comfort experience, the Vapor pad’s upper layer is made of soft touch microfiber to avoid friction and features enhanced moisture management for enhanced breathability.

Evapor Foam Technology

evapor foam tech

Our multi density foam construction provides optimal support and comfort. The open 3D webbing allows a free air stream which makes the cycling pad breathable, light and fast-drying.

This means enhanced moisture management and better skin protection. Furthermore, the rubber-like behavior of the foam allows high density impact protection while riding.

We use this unique technology in both our Wave and Vapor chamois pads.

Protolab Certified

When engineering the most important asset of your cycling kit, our in-house development hub left nothing to chance. That’s why both the Vapor and the Wave pad are tested and approved by the innovative Pad Testing Machine in our Protolab.

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