Why You Should Wear Cycling Gloves, Also In Summer

3 cyclists riding in chilly weather

Why You Should Wear Cycling Gloves, Also In Summer 

Wearing cycling gloves is always a good idea when it is cold outside, in mid-season or winter. But also during your summer rides, you better wear cycling gloves. Why this is the case and what the advantages of wearing gloves are, you can read below.  

cyclist wearing cycling apparel from Bioracer

In autumn and winter, cycling gloves protect your hands from the cold, rain and wind. Cold hands and fingers are not only very unpleasant, if your fingers are stiff and numb, it is also much more difficult to change gears or to brake properly – and this is dangerous. Nevertheless, cycling gloves have other functions besides keeping your hands warm and dry. In the summer, you wear them for your comfort and safety.   

The padding is shock absorbent and reduces the impact of road vibrations on your arms, hands, wrists and shoulders. In addition, they absorb sweat and keep your hands dry so you have better grip control and do not slide off your handlebars. They also have a hygienic function, since you can wipe up sweat and snot with them.  

In case you crash, you will be glad that your gloves took the beating and not your palms, as they help you to prevent painful cuts and grazes 

But are there any downsides to wearing cycling gloves? Some people don’t like the fact that their hands don’t bronze. We are happy to take away that disadvantage now that we know all the advantages.  

Cycling gloves are available in various colors, patterns, and thicknesses. In Bioracer’s assortment, you will find the gloves that suit you.