Women cycling clothes

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Are you in search of top-notch women cycling clothes to achieve your cycling objectives? Our cycling apparel combines both comfort and aerodynamics with a women-specific fit to meet the requirements for your demanding training rides and hard races. Browse our selection of women cycling wear and equip yourself with everything necessary to start working towards your new cycling goals. 

Ladies cycling wear

The Epic and Icon line, both engineered and rigorously tested in the heartland of cycling, are designed to support you when out on the road, no matter the situation. The Icon women apparel offer exceptional comfort without sacrificing performance. This range of products, which features a women-specific fit, is a great choice for both relax rides and competitive races. We drew inspiration from our top-selling and reliable products to develop a comprehensive collection of "classic" women cycling clothes equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

The Epic line sets a new standard for both on-bike race performance and off-bike comfort. Its bioadaptive fabrics and optimized race position fit for women provide optimal aerodynamics while cycling. Developed in close collaboration with professional women cyclists, this line is ideal for intense rides and high-speed races. Utilizing the newest technologies, top-quality materials and a sleek finish, the Epic line enhances your performance and appearance on the bike. 

Women cycling chamois

As the key component of women's cycling apparel, our cycling bibshorts and bibtights are designed to enhance your cycling experience by providing you with unparalleled comfort.

We all know that the most demanding conditions require superior materials, which is why both our Vapor One and Wave One pad are anatomically-designed for women and evaluated on the most challenging cycling terrains. In these women-specific chamois pads, the flat side is strategically placed next to the body. In this way, it embraces your contours while the dimensional pad side absorbs the vibration, providing protection from the bone-jarring cobblestone of Flanders.

The Vapor One pad, with its comfortable damping, features support and perforations in the ideal locations for breathability and moisture management. The anatomically-designed futuristic shape of the Wave One pad, conforms to the contours of the body. This results in improved pressure distribution, decreased friction, and enhanced stability. The Vapor 3D webbing technology further enhances the damping, breathability, and moisture management of both pads.

Women cycling kit

Whether it's summer or winter, sunny or rainy, we have bike clothes for women that will suit the conditions of your ride. For colder winter rides, our Tempest line is designed to protect you from the harshest elements. Try our Tempest jackets, bibtights, or accessories and experience the benefits of Tempest technology. If you're heading out on a rainy day, our lightweight waterproof cycling rain jackets will keep you dry. And if you're planning to ride in the hot sun, we have ladies cycling clothes with Coldblack technology that provide UV protection. 

When selecting your women cycling wear, the design and colors of the cycling jersey are just as important as its performance. Whether you prefer a clean and minimalistic look or a bold and colorful print, choose the style that aligns with how you want to appear on the bike.