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Men winter cycling clothes


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Cold temperatures, Icy wind, pouring rain, and perhaps a touch of snow. Welcome to Winter Wonderland, the time of the year real Flandriens stand up and take their bike outside. To support these most heroic riders of the pack, we’ve tested our men winter cycling clothes in the most severe Belgian circumstances because we know that the most demanding conditions require the best materials. 

Winter cycling gloves for men

When the temperature drops, frozen fingertips are the biggest dealbreaker during your winter rides. Protect yourself from this stingy and tingling in your fingers with our winter cycling gloves for men. 

The 3D Neo Winter comes with water-repellent properties. Raindrops and snowflakes will slide off effortlessly, while the wind block technology keeps the winter’s gusts out. This way your hands and fingers remain dry and warm, so you can fully concentrate on the road ahead. 

When it’s time to up the tempo during your intervals, the sweat pad on the thumb will help you wipe away excessive sweat from your forehead. The synthetic leather palms of these gloves provide exceptional grip support, allowing you to take full control of your handlebars while facing slippery roads. 

Beneath their heroic exterior lies an insulating 3D NEO structure. These winter cycling gloves for men lock in warmth, enveloping your hands in a cocoon of comfort. Embrace the winter's chill and ride forth with courage, for these gloves ensure your hands remain snug and protected. 

Men winter cycling jacket

We have a men winter cycling jacket for every winter ride. Our protective outer layers are made to keep the harshest elements of mother nature out, while keeping your core warm. For your coldest training rides, we offer you our renowned Tempest Protect Jacket. 

Featuring Tempest Protect technology, these jackets are developed to protect you against icy wind and pouring rain while its insulative properties will keep your core warm without compromising breathability. 

With three strategically placed back pockets, including one zippered pocket, you always have your fueling assets within reach and your phone and wallet safely stored. During these darker winter days, the PIXEL technology inserts provide 360° reflection to make you stand out in traffic. 

Men winter cycling base layers

During your coldest rides of the year, it’s crucial to keep your core warm, and it all starts with the layer the closest to your body. Men winter cycling base layers are the foundation of your winter layering system so match the insulation and breathability with the temperature and the effort of your ride. 

The Merino Turtleneck design offers superior warmth and insulation, protecting you from the frigid winter temperatures. Embrace the cozy embrace of the base layer as you embark on your cold training rides while the antibacterial properties of Merino will keep you fresh.