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Men windproof cycling clothes


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Wind… a cyclist’s best friend, but after a 180° turn his biggest enemy. As a Belgian company, we know that a wind rivalry and a wind romance can play an important factor in the watts you have to push. But it’s not all about the feeling in the legs since the wind could highly affect your perceived temperature especially on the coldest days of the year. 

Men windproof cycling gilet

A men windproof cycling gilet is our company’s favorite mid-season item. Perfectly paired with one of our Tempest Light Jackets, this combination helps you tackle the fluctuating temperatures and protect your core from the inevitable crosswinds during this time of the year.

Engineered with a windblock fabric on the front panel, our Spitfire Gilet prevents the wind from hitting your chest and core, keeping you warm and cozy. The fabric is also lightweight and stretchy, so it won’t restrict your movement or add bulk to your outfit. To prevent overheating during your harder efforts, our men windproof cycling gilets come with a perforated mesh back panel for optimal ventilation and breathability.

But suddenly the weather changes and the sun breaks through… no problem. Our gilet packs down small and easy to store in your back pocket, so you can take it off and put it on as needed.

Men windproof cycling gloves

Freezing temperatures and icy winds, one of the most feared conditions for a cyclist’s extremities, but certainly the most desired conditions for our men windproof cycling gloves.

Our Alaska Pro Winter Gloves keep the wind out with a wind-blocking panel on the back of your hand, while an insulating layer on the palm keeps you warm. Designed with a lobster-style shape that combines two fingers in each compartment, these men windproof cycling gloves create more warmth and reduce heat loss. And when you need extra warmth, our gloves have an integrated pocket for Hotliner heating pads, which you can insert to boost the temperature inside the glove.

Taking pictures of the beautiful winter roads or switching data fields on your cycling computer? No problem, as the thumb and the index finger come with touch screen capabilities. The palm and fingers also feature Griptec, an anti-slip material that provides excellent grip control and prevents your hands from slipping off the handlebars.

Windproof cycling jacket for men

When those freezing temperatures and icy winds are teaming up, it’s important to keep your core warm and prevent energy loss due to hypothermia.  

Our Tempest Protect jackets are made of a high-performance fabric that combines comfort, insulation, and wind protection. The fabric has a very durable water-repellent treatment that makes water bead up and roll off, keeping you dry and cozy. The fabric is also breathable and stretchy, allowing you to move freely and regulate your body temperature. 

Our jackets also have three pockets, one of which is zipped, so you can store your essentials securely and conveniently. You can also adjust the fit of the jacket with the elastic hem and cuffs, and the full-length zipper with a chin guard. 

But what makes our jackets truly stand out is their enhanced visibility. Our jackets have 360° reflective details that feature PIXEL technology, a patented system that uses micro-glass beads to reflect light in all directions. This means that you’ll be seen by other road users from any angle, even in low-light conditions.