Men cycling clothes

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  • Speedwear Concept Tempest Bibshort

    Speedwear Concept Tempest Bibshort

  • Spitfire Gilet Black

    Spitfire Gilet Black

  • Spitfire Tempest Light Jacket OP Art Sand

    Spitfire Tempest Light Jacket OP Art Sand

  • Temp Control Cross Tight

    Temp Control Cross Tights

  • Spitfire Tempest Light Pixel Jacket Life Is A

    Spitfire Tempest Light Pixel Jacket Life Is A

  • Off-Road Tech Jersey 3/4 Green/Olive

    Off-Road Tech Jersey 3/4 Green/Olive

  • Epic Rainy Jacket Fluo Orange

    Epic Rainy Jacket Fluo Orange

  • Off-Road Tech Jersey 3/4 Black

    Off-Road Tech Jersey 3/4 Black

  • Spitfire Gilet Fluo Yellow

    Spitfire Gilet Fluo Yellow

  • Spitfire Gilet Olive Shade

    Spitfire Gilet Olive Shade

  • Epic Rainy Jacket Black

    Epic Rainy Jacket Black

  • Speedwear Concept Tempest Protect Jersey

    Speedwear Concept Tempest Protect Jersey

  • Spitfire Gilet Blue Shade

    Spitfire Gilet Blue Shade

  • Spitfire Gilet Olive Shade

    Spitfire Gilet Grey Shade

  • Epic Rainy Jacket Fluo Yellow

    Epic Rainy Jacket Fluo Yellow

  • Spitfire Gilet Red Shade

    Spitfire Gilet Red Shade


Looking for the best cycling apparel to crush your next cycling goal? Our cycling kits offer you all the comfort and aerodynamics needed for your dedicated training rides and ultimate cycling challenges. Shop your men cycling clothes and you are completely ready to hit the road with your new cycling kit. 

Cycling kit men 

Engineered and tested in the heartland of cycling, both our Epic and Icon line will support you when out on the road, no matter the circumstances. 

The Icon line provides ultimate comfort while keeping performance in mind. Whether you go for a relaxed ride or compete in a race, this product range with a classic body fit is always an excellent choice. Inspired by the best-selling and trusted products of the Bioracer legacy, we created a full range of ‘classic’ cycling apparel featuring the latest technologies. 

The Epic line establishes a new zenith when it comes to on-bike race performance and off-bike comfort. Bioadaptive fabrics combined with an optimized race position fit ensure optimal aerodynamics while riding and racing. Developed and designed together with the pros, the Epic line is an excellent choice for epic rides and fast races. The latest technologies, best materials and high-end finish allow you to perform better and look faster on the bike. 

When your cycling D-day arrives, it is time to put your legs to the test. For days like these, we have developed, tested, and optimized our Speedwear Concept line. Bibshorts, bibtights, jerseys, jackets, aero suits, and accessories are all designed to meet those marginal gains on your most important rides of the year. #wemakeyoufaster 

Men’s Cycling Chamois

Considered the most important element of all men cycling clothes, our cycling bibshorts and cycling bibtights are made to change your cycling experience by introducing a new level comfort.  

Because we all know that the most demanding conditions require the best materials, both our Vapor and Wave pad are developed and tested on the most challenging battleground of cycling, the cobbled Flemish hills. In these men-specific chamois pads, the flat side is strategically placed next to the body. In this way, it molds to your body while the dimensional pad side absorbs the vibration, cushioning you from the bone-rattling pave of Flanders.  

The Vapor pad offers comfortable damping. Support and perforations in the right places ensure breathability and optimal moisture management. Anatomically designed, the futuristic shape of the Wave pad follows the contours of your body. The benefits? Better pressure distribution, less friction, and more stability. The Vapor 3D webbing technology offers comfortable damping, optimal breathability, and enhance moisture management. 

Mens cycle wear 

Summer or winter, sunny or rainy. Shop the men cycling clothes that matches the circumstances of your ride. For your colder winter rides, we have designed our line of Tempest products to protect you against the harshest circumstances. Experience this Tempest technology and shop our Tempest jackets, bibtights or accessories. Heading out on a rainy day? Opt for our lightweight waterproof cycling rain jackets to keep you dry when the skies open. Searching for a men’s cycle outfit to brave the burning sun? We have incorporated Coldblack technology featuring UV protection into different jerseys and bibshorts. 

When choosing your men’s cycle wear, it is not only about the performance, but also about the colors and the design of your cycling jersey. Are you looking for a clean and sleek design? Or dreaming about a more colorful and prominent print? Choose the style that matches with the way you would like to look on the bike.