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Cycling socks are one of the most overlooked cycling accessories as they are very useful during both summer and winter rides. Cycling socks will keep your feet fresh and dry during your summer rides and will keep your feet warm when the temperature drops. 

Going for an intensive interval training or heading out for a long aerobic training? Cycling socks will help your feet stay fresh and dry, so you don’t have to coop with sweaty and overheated feet. 

Both our Summer Socks and Tech Socks are made of Climawell and feature a breathable knitted footbed offering superior breathability and antibacterial properties that help to eliminate unpleasant odors and keep your feet feeling fresh. So, you can focus on your ride and not worry about uncomfortable or smelly feet. 

Comfort is key, and that's why biking socks with 4-way stretch construction are a great choice. This design provides a snug and comfortable fit, without restricting your movements or feeling too tight. This way, you can ride without distractions and focus on pushing the pedals. 

The Tech Socks are designed with a technical upper part providing gradual compression and integrated grippers holding the socks in place even during your hardest of efforts. 

Winter Merino wool cycling socks 

When the temperature drops, your extremities are the first to start tingling. For most cyclists, cold feet are one of the biggest ‘ridebreakers’ when cycling during the winter period. And that’s where winter Merino wool cycling socks come into play and let you enjoy every kilometer of your winter ride. 

Designed with temperature regulation in mind, the close-fitting Merino wool provides a tight and comfortable fit that keeps your feet warm even in the harshest conditions. But that's not all - the wool also boasts exceptional moisture-wicking properties, so you don’t have to deal with damp, sweaty feet. 

Climawell, the modified polypropylene with active biogenic silver ions, takes these socks to the next level. Not only does it enhance the moisture-wicking capabilities of our Merino cycling socks, but it also provides antibacterial protection, ensuring that your feet stay fresh and odor-free mile after mile. 

Aero socks 

When every second, watt or meter matters, aero socks will be your go-to cycling socks and a real game-changer for your aerodynamic performance. These high-tech socks feature a technical upper part with AirStripe technology, designed to boost your aerodynamic performance and give you the edge you need to conquer your cycling goals. 

But aero socks are about more than just speed. They are also designed for comfort. With a breathable knitted foot bed and made of Climawell, our aero socks allow heat to evacuate and fresh air to be supplied to your feet. This helps to keep your feet cool and comfortable, even when you’re going full out.