Essentials You Need To Start Cycling

Essentials You Need To Start Cycling

Have you recently been bitten by the cycling bug? And do you want to hit the road? Cycling is not the most expensive pastime, but there are some essentials you need. Think for example of a bicycle and cycling apparel. What do you exactly need to call yourself a cyclist? In this blog post, we listed some essentials you need in your ‘cycling starter kit’. 


Obviously, it all starts with a bike. Choose a bike that fits your budget and riding style. Bike frames have specific geometries and components, for each purpose and in each price range. Read a beginner’s guide or ask for advice at your local bike shop.  

Cycling Apparel

Cycling apparel is specially made to fit well and not restrict your movement when riding your bike. You don’t need the most expensive equipment, but make sure you buy quality, for example from Bioracer. If you start cycling in spring or summer, you avoid large investments in several warm layers. 

2 cyclists who are wearing an outfit from bioracer

Padded Bibshorts

The most essential piece of cycling apparel is a pair of cycling shorts with a high-quality chamois. It provides comfortable damping, improved pressure distribution, and less friction. The breathability and moisture regulation also offer advantages. The chamois pad is different for men and women because their anatomy is different. Therefore, there are specific cycling bibshorts for men, women, and kids.  


Cycling jerseys are available in a race or relaxed fit and endless colors and patterns. The best cycling shirt is thin, close-fitting, and equipped with a full zipper and back pockets. If you wear a base layer under a basic cycling jersey and optionally put on arm warmers, you can take it out in the most diverse summer weather conditions. The designs and fits of cycling jerseys for women, men, and kids differ slightly. 

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Wear cycling gloves for your comfort. They offer protection and grip control. Without them, you will notice that your hands hurt from the road vibrations and after a crash, you will also be glad that your gloves took the beating and not your palms. 

cyclist with a rain jacket from bioracer which is essential for a starting cyclist

Rain Jacket

In uncertain weather conditions, you better take a rain jacket with you. It will protect you from wind and rain. A breathable material is essential, so you don’t overheat. 

Cycling Socks And Shoes

Cycling socks must comply with written and unwritten rules, e.g. regarding length. There are socks in different designs and materials so you can match them to your bike, outfit, and the weather. If you want to ride with clipless pedals immediately, you also need shoes and cleats. You can also wait and ride with trainers until you are used to cycling. 

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Wearing a helmet is vital because it protects you against head injuries and keeps you safe. Helmets have an expiry date, so it is better to buy a new one than to reach for the old one in the garage. If you are shopping for a new helmet, try them on and choose the one that best suits your head, your style, and your budget. Make sure it complies with European safety standards and always wear it when you hit the road. 

2 cyclists with a jacket from bioracer and a helmet which is essential for a starting cyclist


Carrying a water bottle (or ‘bidon’ in cycling terminology) while riding is a must because you are constantly losing moisture and need to rehydrate. It’s up to you if you like to go for a bottle that matches the color of your bike or kit, or if you want to go for special features like insulation. To easily carry water bottles during all your rides, you can mount a bottle cage on your frame. 

Saddlebag With A Repair Kit

You never know what might happen on the road. Therefore, always carry the following items in your saddlebag: two tire levers, an inner tube, and a multi-tool. Your wallet and a pump are no unnecessary luxury either.

Ready? Set. Go! And remember: it’s your ride.